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Android users do have a somewhat more open platform than iOS users do but they can't jailbreak which means they can't add the additi...

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Traffic Exchange Service
The SURFOW V6 is the most advanced script available for traffic exchange, it works fully with multiple platforms, a integrated exchanger software for Windows / MacOS / Linux, it provides you with traffic exchange service for your customers. , Which makes it habit by selling traffic packages, subscriptions, slots, fully customizable administration panels and user interfaces It is easy to generate tasty income, which is designed to perform faster and safely, has been built in an integration for: PayPal - Authorize.Net - Stripe - 2 Checkout - Robesta - Peez (EU), 16 Fully translatable, responsive and clean template with languages, it comes with a homepage builder to customize your homepage template.

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