Cold World - G Herbo



You know we believe in the power of manifestation, man

Always spoke this shit into life, into existence, man

Said I was gon' have this shit (Chase Davis on the beat)

And I really got this shit

That's why it called 25

You know if you from the 'Raq man this shit hit different

Two plus five that's seven, that's the guy I am

On foe'nem

Greed and disloyalty

Know we beefin' with the opps on top of all these lawyer fees

When we lurkin' on they block the chopper speakin' Portuguese (brrt)

Strapped with thirty-shot Glocks, we got like twenty more of these

Now I'm millionaire status, watched some homies leave (damn)

Thank God, I found out he a rat before the cheese (thank you)

In the California sun, I'm rockin' shorter sleeves

Some of my niggas really gon' be gone for forty seasons

Can't believe I beat the streets, I'll give you forty reasons (forty reasons)

I was on my toes from the mornin' to the evenin' (mornin' to the evenin')

Think I was a doctor how I seen a nigga bleedin' (damn)

He a real pussy-ho, I seen the nigga screamin' (woo)

He a real demon and he lookin' like he mean it

Hollows in his chest, he stretched, I seen it how he wheezin'

Yeah, I'm hot like Weezy (Weezy)

Yeah, I'm hotter than the sun, I got 'em stoppin' breathin'

All the shit I'm spittin' sick, you might start cough and sneezin'

Fuckin' with these rappers, might get tricked, don't believe 'em (don't believe 'em)

I made it out with heathens (heathens)

Dissed and I received it (received it), blessings that is (uh)

Blessings, yes I did (uh)

Stackin' M's (M's), that's just for my kids

"You like this song son-son?"

"Yeah, I like this song"

"You like it? You love daddy?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yes"

"What's your name?"

"I am Yosohn"

"You love daddy?"

"Yeah, I love daddy"

I ain't know the world was cold

I saw a murder at nine

Still thought I was fine

No wonder I played with cap guns all the time

Can't make new friends 'cause I lost all of mine

It's a blessing to be alive

That's why I strive

It's a cold city, windy, even the hoes gritty

Watch out these hoes trickin', nobody owed pity

Ain't no more OGs 'cause most niggas told

And them niggas old bitches (pussies)

Gotta go on a hit with two .30's or more

'Cause most niggas roll with fifties (fifty rounds)

Whole city got a brand new wave of Glizzy, now them bitches came with switches (switches)

When the fuck they bring out them editions, man this shit gettin' fishy (brrt)

The police still too quick to kill us when we look suspicious

They tryna knock me off my square, but I bend and stood position (you know that)

No coincidence I got hit from there 'cause I'm just a gifted nigga (ayy)

Doin' one-fifty in the Urus carefully tryna miss collision (skrrt)

I was trapped, it's easy to get whacked, I make a split decision (uh-uh)

And Sohnny miss me 'cause I lost my vision, damn

Yeah, I know you want that, man these niggas trippin' (can't do that)

Holdin' in that stress, and DMX, I get to slippin' (get to slippin')

Fell in with the opioids and I started clickin' out (damn)

Always angry with my girl 'cause I felt like she bitchin' out (what else?)

I was just swimmin' with sharks before I walked up in the house

Know this pain lay deep inside of me I just can't get it out

so now I feel like shootin' (baow)

You can't wait to let it out too, yeah, I feel like you (feel like you)

In a fight with my anxiety, I feel like Juice

And I beat the street, man

Not by coincidence, it's because I embraced it

Like all the toughest shit I been through in my life

I took it head on I ain't complain about it, man

You know what I'm sayin?

It actually get greater, later

Songwriters: Chase Davis / Herbert Wright

Cold World lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC