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The 10 Best Financial Planners in 2022

The 10 Best Financial Planners

The Best Financial Planners Professional assistance is sometimes needed by someone to solve personal problems, including to improve increasingly tangled financial conditions. For example by attending various financial seminars, learning to change habits independently, or others. If in the end you need financial planner assistance, you don't need to hesitate to undergo this stage. After all you need experts in their fields to help examine problems that are no longer able to be resolved by yourself. Costs become one of the considerations when deciding to go to the financial planner.

Purchase a certain fee to improve financial conditions feels commensurate with the end result later. How much does you have to prepare will depend on the needs, abilities, and level of difficulty of the case. Financial Planner Aidil Akbar Madjid, owner of Akbar's Financial Check Up said, everyone is able to get financial planning services. Starting employees with a salary of $ 200 per month to executives with tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah in income.

Financial Planner Ligwina Poerwo-Hananto also explained that financial planning rates vary depending on the needs of the client. Can only be by consultation per hour or prepare a financial plan in a period of one year, for example. As an illustration, the consulting rate per hour with financial planners ranging from $ 50 to $ 100.

1. How much is a financial planner?

After consulting, you can recognize financial needs more thoroughly, including in financial planning.

If you need a practical and complete financial plan in one year for example, the cost starts from 500 dollars - 3000 dollars.

If you want to check your financial health, the concept of financial inspection through five indicators can be an option. To get this financial health check, prepare costs from 100 dollars to 200 dollars.

There are also financial planning carried out per case. For example, you want to prepare only children's education funds, or only pension funds. The range of financial planning rates per case starts from 50 dollars - 200 dollars. Meanwhile, if you want a more comprehensive financial planning, prepare a budget above 500 dollars, he continued.

Another with a concept called financial check -up, with two or three financial goals that you want to plan. The cost starts from 200 dollars to 500 dollars.

2. What is a financial planner?

Financial planning or financial planning is a strategy for preparing personal and business funds with planned implementation. Although the concept is clearly built in order to obtain goals in a certain period of time as a reference.

The planning process in the field of financing has the intention to simplify the various flows of money in and out of money and assets in the household. The simplification is intended to achieve a clear limit in every action in order to achieve the initial goals.

Financial planning is a long -term plan that will continue to be carried out by every human being without exception. As long as humans live, finance must be arranged in such a way as to achieve the stability between income and expenditure without a deficit.

In simple terms financial planning does not only refer to business owners. Good management related to the entry and exit of money must also be controlled by the individuals for their own interests. Especially for housewives who are tasked with managing family cash.

As much as possible when preparing planning must provide emergency funds to face various situations. Various situations such as sick and must be treated or other accidents will be handled properly if there are reserve funds.

3. What is a fee-only financial planner?

Financial planners are those who make, compile, monitor and evaluate clients' planning.

Initially, I did not think consulting with financial planners. The reason, the same as most people, financial assets are still small, west what consultation. The planner is for the rich person, as though the mind at that time.


However, because of a fairly complicated financial problem, I was forced to consult their deblan. From there, I feel the benefits and importance of using the services of financial planners in building a healthy family as well as overcoming the problem of keuana.

Keuand's plan is a plan made by the tuanana tuana.

Planner of the Basically Basic Basic is an expert who hunts Klienda to achieve goals, for example education funds, retirement, buying a house and so on.

4. What does a financial planner do?

A. Know Your Current Value

You will never get to your destination if you have started to step. This is the step where and it is necessary to issue all the records of funds and adorning the calculator to make a detailed payment.

Collect all information as much as Munckin. You need to include your assets: Starting from Rahat, Cars, Savings, and Investment.

Next, write what is your debt: mortgage, car loan, credit card bill, and some of them.

All income and investment results. Don't forget that and for the need to check expenses. Calculating all this will know what the value is what the value and this is.

B. Check your current fee

You need to find out where your money goes. Provide a mini notebook and record it in detail every cost that comes out.

You can also create a Word / Excel document that can specify your expenses, from the base such as food, shelter, and transportation costs.

Make this a habit in every month. Through the actions that you take like this, then you will know if you have wisely using it.

C. Starting to save

There are many practical rules about saving. Some say store 10% of your income. There are also those who say to always have an emergency fund worth at least with three months of income.

Start to cut some expenses, without killing all your fun. Make sure you save as much as you can.

D. Pay your debt

Differences in Credit Without Collateral and Credit with Collateral - Avoiding Debt Wins

If you currently have a debt with high interest rates, you must immediately manage your finances to pay it off.

Payable with high interest rates enter the rate of return you get from your investment and can swallow all the income earned in a savings account. Removing your debt will also delete your credit score for the future.

E. Monitor financial plan

If you are really eager to achieve your final goal, then this step is the most important step. Check your progress every year. Ask yourself:

Have I paid off my debt? Can I save more money? Is my investment going well? Am I enough to try to achieve my goal?

Reviewing financial plans every year will make you survive in better conditions in the long run.

Well, that was 8 intelligent ways to manage finances, the point in managing finances is where you can place your income into the right portions.

Not only saving, but also investing. At present there are many types of investments that can give you the results in high interest but with a low risk, one of which is through peer-to-peer lending from KoinWorks.

5. What is a Certified Financial Planner?

Certified Financial Planners (CFP) is a recognition of expertise in the fields of planning, tracers, insurance, housing planning, and retirement.

To get this Financial Planner Certification, the candidate emotion fulfilled the four fields of four fields: formal education, performance on the CFP exam, relevant work experience, and showing professional ethics.

Educational requirements consist of two main components. Candidates Haru verified that he guided a bachelor's degree or higher than the University of Higher Education and Higher Education.

In addition, the candidate Haru that they have at least three years of full -time professional experience in the industry, or an internship experience for one year under the guidance of the mentor.

Finally, candidates must have a professional behavior of FSPB.

He must also regularly reveal information about their involvement in various fields, such as criminal activities, investigations by government institutions, bankruptcy, customer complaints, or termination of employment by employers.

6. What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?

A. Financial advisor

In many cases, consumers who need professionals to manage their finances will get help from a financial advisor.

For example, the advisor of Keana will help you to hold the Kean in terms of buying an investment instrument or helping the tax plan.

A advisor can have different credentials, depending on the realm of what they want to focus.

So, it can be concluded that financial advisors are a general term that is covering several groups, can be like an insurance agent, real estate planner, financial manager, and financial planner.

B. Financial Planner

As mentioned earlier, financial planners are one type of advisor.

He is in charge of the Unkulem Program which is quoted to capture long -term financial goals.

7. What should you ask a financial planner?

Usually, what are often asked by financial planners are:

  • How do you make a good and right financial plan?
  • How do you plan for the future finances?
  • What is the step of planning to Keuana?
  • How is the first step in planning Keuand is?

8. When should you get a financial planner?

With a variety of benefits that can be obtained with keuid planning, it is important to know how to make effective planning.

Record the month's income

How to make a personal planning is to start Deran record the entire nominal income received. Revenue brides with, ENA can calculate net income that is received every month.

Of course, this opinion has been deducted by permanent payment such as taxes, insurance, and some of them. Calculation of net salaries is carried out untuce to minimize the mischievousness that ended in making and failing to save. Recording of net salary counts if it is useful to know how many healthy your financial conditions.

Method of applying 3 posts

American financial expert who is a book author of all your grades, Elizabeth Warren, popularized the efficient saving method. The method suggests and to divide the salary to the three portion posts of the different portion:

  • 50 percent and use it to burden basic needs (debt, installment bills, electricity, moon moran materials, etc.
  • 20 percent long -term savings (investment, insurance, or saving)
  • 30 percent of lifestyle (shopping, holidays, and entertaining)
  • Use 2 different accounts

In order to make it easier and save, you should put back the rearrangement and use everyday accounts that are used for saving. For saving accounts, try not to be brought daily ATM cards to prevent sudden withdrawals that make savings used.

Knowing that the planning has many benefits for personal and business that is currently and the streets, it is good if it saves money to save. For which who need a special account to help financial planning, you can choose a goal save from CIMB Niaga.

The purpose of the savers offers the ease of funds in building a delayed dela for a daily, weekly, and moon deposit delay to reach the repulsion and this. You can open and monitor your savers destination savings via Octo Click and Octo Mobile Listen easily. Find the full info here.

9. How do you hire a financial planner?

1. Knowing how long you will invest

Before choosing a financial planner service, then you must know in advance how long you will invest so you can know later you have to choose what kind of financial services and it can also help you to discuss what your financial goals are in the financial planner services that you will choose later . For example, whether your financial goals are apparently the financial goals of the jangsa are short, if the jangsa is short then it is usually to make a long time from the annual Tamana Tajajukan Bianaga. Then if short -term finances it will be placed on state deposits or bonds and long -term will be placed on large instruments such as stocks. So before you rent a financial planner service, know how long you will invest.


2. Financial advisors can manage your funds

Before you choose the service planning service, then you have to know first knowing the work of the task of financial planning services. Some of the scope of tasks that can be performed by the services of the planning to you is that they will have you in developing your plan and will have to play with the customers. What kind of recommendation is given? Recommendations given such as investment suggestions, suggestions for saving, suggestions for association, reports, and concrete simulation hue. Keuand advisors cannot manage your funds directly or indirectly. They cannot buy and sell shares from account clients. So that if there are financial services that force you to coordinate them to wander or stock, then they may only be under the guise. In addition, the financial planner service must pocket a permit to become a customer investment manager or client.


3. Research first

The next tips you can do so you can choose a safe financial planning service and can help you to get the financial goals you want is better you do research first. Munckin you have pocketed several names of the financial planning services that you will use. Do not immediately choose which one you want, but it helps you first do a small research about the Keuhyan service. Whether the financial planner services that you really want to choose have pocketed permits from the relevant government institutions such as the OJK (Financial Services Authority) for example, if they have pocketed the OJK and other government institutions and include the logos of the official agency then it means they have been running accordingly Government with direction. In addition, you can also dance on the internet about reviews from clients or customers who have used the services of the Keuana planner. That way you do not hesitate anymore and be was worried when using their services.


4. Do not believe in all the words of financial planner services

Various tips to use the fourth Keuary planning service is do not immediately believe in all the words of financial planner services. Mungkkin when you consult the Delay of the Planning Services for Investment, they will be members of the suggestion to you about what you have to do with the inverse. If the Kekuana Planning Services that you use suggests that you buy a share of an entrepreneur then you do not immediately believe just like that the delay of their talk. However, you have to do research first, you have to find out more whether the haranga of shares is cheap or expensive, besides that you have to look for information about Persena, whether it is good for good goodness. In addition, another thing you pay attention to is transparency between your financial planner and customer services.

5. Take a full decision and control over your own fund

As we said above, financial planning services are not entitled to manage your finances or funds. They also cannot buy shares through your stock account. Financial planner services are only those who will help and also direct, but not to decide about your financial decisions. To invest, it is all entirely the control you have. In addition to asking for advice from financial planning services, you also need to make your own boundaries, you also have to observe the investment you are following. Consider carefully, if it is profitable, you might be able to continue it, but if you feel that the investment you follow will even lose money then we suggest that you stop before continuing to lose money. You have to make decisions and also full control of your own funds and investments.


6. Spread investments in several instruments

The last tip you can do to use the services of a financial planner is that you can spread investments in several instruments to reduce risk. We will not know how government policies change, or maybe disasters, pandemics, external or internal factors that will affect the shares of a company. So that you are even safer when investing, we suggest that you spread to several companies so that you can help you reduce the risk if something undesirable happens. Try also to ask the financial planner services whether this is suitable for your current financial condition.


That was the information we can give all of you about various tips to use financial planning services. Don't be careless in choosing financial planning services, because this is very important. Do not let you lose up to hundreds of millions just because you choose the wrong financial planner service. In addition, they always remember that the task of the financial planner services is only to provide advice and input, for financial decisions and also investment, all of you decide. Hopefully the article we provide this time can be useful and useful for you all! Don't be tempted by the lure of cheap financial planning services!

10. What should you look for in a financial planner?

With the planning of the order, allocating money that is possessed for various needs ranging from investment, saving, transportation and part of it. In addition, making planning of Keana will help funds in realizing short, medium and long -term term.

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